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A huge congratulations on your engagement!

Being engaged is such a joyous time, filled with excitement, a radiant glow and anticipation, a time to cherish with your finacè, families and friends. In this idyllic time, it dawns on you that there are so many unknowns and questions you’ve got to consider. How, when and where do we begin to plan our wedding – so much to think about! I get it, there can be an overwhelming number of questions swirling around in your mind.

Here are some questions that will help you streamline your thoughts before you contact a wedding planner.

But first, I would advise you to pop open your favourite bottle of Prosecco with your Finacè and delve into these considerations:

1. Let the dreaming begin, how do you envision your wedding in Italy?

Let your imagination run wild. Most brides-to-be have probably dreamt about her wedding day from a very young age so, she will have a clear vision for her wedding day. And this time together enables you to create a combined vision. Think about what the day will be like, what kind of flow you want for the day, who is there with you and where you are.

This part of the planning is vitally important. It will be difficult to plan the most special day of your life without a vision for your wedding day. Would you like a wedding day or a wedding experience extended over a few days?

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2. Who will be joining you? Talking guest list

Traditionally, weddings are a celebration bringing together loved ones from both sides of the family and friends. It’s important to start considering your guest list at the beginning of your planning process. 

Are you pondering how or where to begin creating a guest list for your wedding?

Getting started is the easy part. You will probably list out all your close family members, friends and your wedding party. Then consider who else you should invite and who would be nice to have with you on the day.

Look through your social media chats and emails to make sure you did not leave anyone out.

Another question to consider is would you like young children at your wedding? There is no need to feel guilty if your answer is a firm no. Many couples prefer an adult only wedding ceremony and reception. In which case I can arrange for childcare and entertainment for your young guests while you dance the night away. 

Why is it so important to draft your guest list at the beginning of the planning process? 

Your aguest list informs the size of your party, which many suppliers will need to provide you with a proposal. In specific, your wedding planner will need this information to find the most suitable venue options for your wedding day. The guest list also helps us budget accordingly to ensure we stay within the agreed plan. 

There is a misconception that the people invited will not attend because they are planning a destination wedding. 

This is certainly not the case! In my experience, guests are thrilled at the opportunity to not only attend a wedding but take this as an opportunity to holiday around the stunning landscapes of Italy. 

This is why I always ask our couples how many guests will actually receive an invitation, and I keep this number in mind when discussing venues with our couples.

3. It’s a date! Choosing a date to say I do

Having an idea of the year and a season would be helpful when searching for your perfect venue in Italy. This ensures suppliers provide you with accurate seasonal quotes, and your planner can work on transforming your wedding day vision into reality. 

  • Spring is from March through to May.

Are you drawn to the lush green landscapes filled with a colour-filled palette? Then you would most likely enjoy the Spring season in Italy. Most parts of Italy get less rainfall in spring than in Autumn. Toward the end of spring, temperatures can get quite warm.

  • Summer is from June through to August.

If you dream of an outdoor wedding followed by a reception dinner under a blanket of stars, the Summer is the perfect season for you. Temperatures tend to soar between June to August, and some regions are much warmer than others.                  

  • Autumn is from September to November 

The weather is much cooler, with an abundance of earthy autumnal colours transforming the lush landscapes with a deep warmth.

  • Winter is from December to February 

By choosing a winter wedding, you will not be following the hundreds of couples who travel to Italy every year for good weather, nor will you be one of many competing for the same wedding suppliers and having to work to their schedule rather than yours! And depending on the region, you may have snow on your wedding day.

As a seasoned wedding planner and stylist, I am your helping hand to offer you creative ideas to elevate your vision while embracing the natural backdrops and seasonality Italy offers. More on choosing a season to celebrate your wedding.

Note: Most well-known wedding venues and talented suppliers have the same fees from April through October. And they tend to get booked up a year or two in advance. 

4. All things budget! How much would you like to spend on your Italian wedding?

Having an open conversation with your partner, parents and anyone else contribution towards the wedding, it is still common for the bride’s and groom’s parents to pay for some of the expenses.

My recommendation is to set a realistic maximum budget you both can afford and review your priorities accordingly. 

If you are wondering, “How much does a wedding in Italy cost?”. It’s completely understandable, it’s a different country, and you are planning a wedding! The total cost will depend on the ambience and experience you want to create, the final number of guests, and the location you select. 

As a general guideline for an average-sized wedding, I would recommend keeping in mind a starting budget of between €900 – € 1,000 per guest if you wish to host a laidback luxurious wedding day using my selection of trusted suppliers.

Get in touch to discuss your vision, expectations and get my guidance. I will be happy to talk you through a few ideas in line with your vision.

You can find some of my helpful tips on wedding budgeting here Italian wedding budget.

5. Priorities. What makes your heart swell with joy?

Knowing what matters most to you and your fiance will help you allocate spending your budget most effectively. 

Consider which elements of the wedding day are most important to you as a couple. The design and décor, venue and location, entertainment and music, food and drinks, activities for you and your guests. I always ask couples to carefully list these in the order of importance, allocating a number from one to five to each.

Discuss your lifestyle and the things that you enjoy doing together. 

Let those parts of your life influence what’s important to you, and make these the non-negotiables for your wedding experience.  

Do you love fashion and want more than one change of outfit, or do you have an obsession for fine wine and want the very best Italian wine pairing served during dinner, or have you dreamt of dancing under a blanket of stars with your loved ones. 

Whatever “sparks joy” the most should be on the top of your priorities for your wedding day experience – make it a day to remember!

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6. “I DO, I DO, I DO” What type of ceremony would you like?

Imagine standing at the altar, and you are ready to declare everlasting love to one another – what does this moment feel like?

All the planning and decision have to lead you down to this moment. 

It is the most important and meaningful moment of your wedding day. 

Would you like a twenty-minute blessing ceremony with poetic readings, a traditional religious ceremony or a spiritual ceremony. 

I highly recommend you discuss this with your fiance and family, as this should be an authentic expression of your loving relationship.

Take time to find a ceremony and style that suits your beliefs, values, and, ultimately, your personalities.

7. Choose a location. Let’s set the scene for your wedding day in Italy

There is no wrong choice here; you will be swept away by quaint seaside villages, pastoral countryside, idyllic islands, dramatic mountains, and ancient historic cities. It’s easy to understand why this country is one of the most romantic destinations in the world

I may be biased, but no other country fuses high-end hospitality, food, and wine with abundant opportunities to explore the surrounding cities.

If you need a helping hand with planning your dreamy Italian wedding experience. Please get in touch and we can discuss your vision.

With Love, Denise


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