Majestic views across Florence

Top 10 wedding venues in Italy

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If you are planning a wedding in Italy, choosing a venue that will both look and feel right may prove to be difficult, even if you’ve already visited some because this land has so much to offer. Having profoundly explored many locations, I’ve gained valuable insight on the subject that will give you ideas for this seemingly impossible task. Without further ado, here are my top 10 wedding venues in Italy:

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice

The exquisite luxury of this hotel is hardly outmatched. From historical antiques and artefacts to opulent interior and exterior, this venue will enchant you immediately. One of the most iconic things about its location is that it offers impressive 270-degree views across the Venetian waters because it is set on the stunning Giudecca island. A picturesque romantic haven for the passionate souls who wish to feel the Italian glamour and enjoy serenity away from the centre of Venice.

Your Italian fantasy; a timeless place where elegance and charm are found in every detail
📷 Cipriani A Belmond Hotel

Villa Cordevigo, Verona

Do you dream of those charming lanes that unravel a historical villa with vineyards? This is precisely one of those wedding venues in Italy that will take your breath away. Nestled in the hills just 10 minutes from Lake Garda, it is a perfect getaway for those couples who wish to feel the countryside luxury and enjoy remarkable wine. Dating back to the 18th century, it is a sublime combination of historical architecture and interior, gently touched by the hands of modern-day times. Surrounded by trees, it gives a feeling of intimacy and privacy for your destination wedding.

Intimate villa in Tuscany
📷 Villa Cordevigo

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Settled in the heart of Tuscany, this luxurious resort will bewitch your senses with an impeccable historical interior, lavish greenery and iconic cypress trees. It holds such power that one would feel taken back in time, feasting their eyes on bespoke decor and serene nature views, feeling secluded from the rest of the world. The organic farm and vineyards offer a plethora of culinary arts and quality wine – everything you need for a memorable wedding in Italy.

Tranquil luxury set in the heart of Tuscany, offering memories that timelessly linger on
📷 Borgo Santo Pietro

Villa La Vedetta, Florence

What sets apart this Italy wedding venue, is the awe-inspiring view over the glory of Florence. Its neoclassical beauty channels contemporary luxury and old-world charm, which gives you an opportunity to taste the best of two eras. By taste, I also mean in terms of its cuisine. It offers modern-day dishes that are so exquisitely paired with the aged Tuscan wines which is a divine match for both the couple and their guests.

Majestic views across Florence
📷 Villa La Vedetta

Villa Cimbrone, Amalfi Coast

This is one of those wedding venues in Italy whose grandeur is hard to describe. Its 11th-century castle architecture and quaint gardens are bound to transform your nuptials into a magical experience. Nestled on the Amalfi Coast, the views are beyond captivating, and the rooms are a work of art. Besides the extraordinary beauty of this venue, organic food from the estate and archetypal Italian wine will make sure that your guests are relishing the delights of your destination wedding.

📷 Villa Cimbrone

Borgo San Felice, Siena

Originally, this was a medieval village that is now restored and transformed into a hotel, just waiting for your love story to embellish its Chianti heart. The rooms are placed all over the resort, evoking a feeling that you are suddenly living in a fairytale Italian village. Beautifully infused with the Tuscan charm and unique presence, this Italy wedding venue will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your grand day.

Luxurious settings for a timeless wedding experience
📷 Borgo San Felice

Villa & Palazzo Aminta, Lake Maggiore

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the beauty of this Palace is equal to the ones you see only in movies, and think that they are not real because of their idyllic perfection. From captivating views of the lake to the enticing secluded elegance of its property, your wedding day will feel exactly like a scene in a romantic movie. The classic interior decor will adorn your celebration with glamour and views upon the Gulf of the Borromean Islands are the magic your wedding in Italy craves for.

Intimate Villa set in the luxurious landscapes of Lake Maggiore
📷 Villa & Palazzo Aminta

Masseria Traetta, Puglia

Lemon trees, lavish gardens, and majestic architecture will leave an imprint on your destination wedding. This exclusive Italy wedding venue has a bewitching setting to charm your guests and turn your reception into a spectacular experience. Poetic atmosphere intertwined with elegance, and a distinctive modern meets historical flair. The terraces are a magnificent feature for your enjoyment views but also gorgeous scenery for your wedding portraits. And the dishes? A medley of flavours, colours and textures, served most eloquently, specially curated to mark your celebration.

📷 Pinterest

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Lake Como is a destination that is most sought for and with a perfectly good reason. From all wedding venues in Italy that are specifically nestled in this breathtaking location; the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is distinctive not only by its impressive presence but by its assets, like an outdoor pool in the lake itself. The location is quite famous for its scenic nature, but from this hotel, the panoramic views are absolutely dreamy. Imagine slow-dancing on the terrace as the sun sets behind the horizon, relishing the beauty around you. Its luxury is a staple to any event, but for weddings? A sophistication that artfully tailors the backdrop of your love chapter. Another amazing thing about this venue is that it is a 3-minute walk from Villa Carlota with its magnificent botanical garden open for visits.

Luxurious settings for a timeless wedding experience
📷 Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Villa Sant Andrea, Sicily

Feel the coastal magic and the scent of the sea in this breathtaking location. More likely, your wedding will also feel like a honeymoon in this villa. A rare beauty that intertwines the old-world charm and the contemporary luxury, with otherworldly subtropical gardens. The private feel of its beach that overlooks the Bay of Mazzaro will compel you to surrender to romance. It was built in the 19th century, and it is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy that is revelling in authentic Sicilian delight.

Luxurious settings for a timeless wedding experience
📷 Villa Sant’Andrea, A Belmond Hotel, Taormina Mare

If any of these venues speaks to your heart and you are already daydreaming about tying the knot in Italy, I would love to hear from you and curate a one of a kind wedding experience. Let’s start planning your dream wedding experience, I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love, Denise


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