The Luxe & Bloom experience centres around love. I’m here to help you show off your love story, and translate it into an event that brings the people you love into it with you. We’ll work closely together on an abundance of beautiful details and thoughtful touches, and I will focus on how your wedding feels as well as how it looks. It’s about the heart as well as the high-end finish. It’s love combined with luxury.

No matter the shape and location of your wedding – whether a one-day fairy tale in the heart of the English countryside, a multi-day Italian destination extravaganza or anything in between – I’ll use my eye for design, organisational flair and my storytelling soul to create the uniquely romantic wedding celebration you deserve. So bring me your ideas and get ready for the time of your lives!


meet denise

My career as a wedding planner was born out of a collision between the personal and the professional. It came to me as a way to combine my years of experience in marketing and corporate event management and my passion for healthy, happy marriages.

I’ve been married to my very own Italian hero and soulmate for almost a decade - Luca, is the adventure my heart longed for and our wedding day could not have been more perfect. No two people are the same, and no two marriages will be either. Luca and I have leaned into investing in the longevity of our relationship, taking time to strengthen our foundations and this is something that forms a crucial part of my approach as a wedding planner. With me here to take care of the administrative details and finesse the design, you’re free to focus on your relationship and your love for each other. I’ll give you a luxurious wedding and a relaxing engagement, so that you can enjoy a blooming marriage. Find out more about my approach to wedding planning HERE.

If you’re embarking on your marriage adventure in England or in Italy and looking for a luxuriously stylish, exquisitely personal wedding that’s planned with love, then I’d really like to talk to you! Get in touch and let’s talk about the wedding day you’re dreaming of.


Denise x