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Which is the most beautiful season to marry in Italy?

Italy is a Mediterranean climate with scorching, dry summers and mild winters. April and October are considered as the low season and May to September as high-season. Late March is also an option, but you should know that the countryside has not yet had the chance to bloom after winter.

The destination wedding season starts in April through to October. 

Every season has its own beauty to behold for the romantic at heart. 

Spring is from March through to May.

Are you drawn to the lush green landscapes filled with a colour-filled palette? Then you would most likely enjoy the Spring season in Italy. Most parts of Italy get less rainfall in spring than in the Autumn season. You may also find temperatures starting to warm up toward the end of spring. 


Summer is from June through to August.

If you dream of an outdoor wedding followed by a reception dinner under a blanket of stars, then Summer is the most beautiful season to marry in Italy? Temperatures tend to soar between June to August, and some regions are much warmer than others. Brace yourself for a late afternoon wedding when temperatures cool down for a more bearable outdoor celebration.                   


Autumn is from September to November 

The weather is much more relaxed, with an abundance of earthy autumnal colours transforming the lush landscapes with a deep warmth. 

Think rustic grazing table meets heritage tweed suit and copper or taupe swede bridesmaid dresses. 

Winter is from December to February 

By choosing a winter wedding, you will not be following the hundreds of couples who travel to Italy every year for good weather, nor will you be the one of many competing for the same wedding suppliers and having to work to their schedule rather than yours! And depending on the region, you may have snow on your wedding day.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries, stretching from the mountains of the Alps to the Mediterranean sea; it occupies the Apennine Peninsula and the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. It is beautiful in any season and in any weather because it has its own unique character, flavour, and “temperament”. 

If you need a helping hand with choosing a season, region and planning, get in touch. 

With Love, Denise


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