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Use your Italian wedding budget wisely

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Talking budgets while in the euphoria of love may not be the most appealing topic right now, but I can assure you, agreeing on and setting a budget with your finance early on is key to having a stress-free planning experience and choosing the support of an experienced wedding planner will help you to use your budget wisely.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to wedding planning budgets is that there’s no one size fits all but, your vision and priorities will influence your spending choice.

1. What sparks joy when you envision your destination wedding in Italy?

Knowing what matters most to you and your fiance will help you allocate spending your budget most effectively. Consider which elements of the wedding day are most important to you as a couple. The design and décor, venue and location, entertainment and music, food and drinks, activities for you and your guests. I always ask couples to carefully list these in the order of importance, allocating a number from one to five to each. Discuss your lifestyle and the things that you enjoy doing together.

Let those parts of your life influence what’s important to you, and make these the non-negotiables for your wedding experience. Do you have a passion for fine wine and want the very best Italian wine pairing served during dinner, or have you dreamt of dancing under a blanket of stars with your loved ones?
Whatever “sparks joy” the most should be on the top of your priorities for your wedding day experience – make it a day to remember!

Majestic views across Florence from Villa La Vedetta
@Villa La Vedetta

2. Be open to change to ideas

Keeping an open mind will be a great way to save you some money! Venues may have different rates for weekday and weekend weddings. Suppliers may also have different rates during the off-peak seasons. Choosing a date a few weeks before peak season will be near enough to guarantee you have the summer sunshine without the peak rates. Flights in Europe during off-peak season will be more affordable for guests.

3. Decor and Styling

Less can be more. Yes, you heard that right. Unless this has been ranked top of your priority list, I would highly recommend you lean into the natural beauty of Italy. Pick 1 or 2 focus points to elevate your decor with florals and subtly style the reception tables to give a traditional luxury feel. Use your Wedding Budget wisely.

3. Flowers and Foilage

Wedding flowers can quickly become expensive. My top tip would be to choose in-season and locally sourced flowers, as this will be another budget saver because you won’t have to pay for the costs of importing them. This also means they’ll be in good condition and stay fresher for longer.

Bridal bouquet with season flowers and foilage.

4. Local suppliers

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with lots of our local suppliers who have exceeded my client’s expectations and cut costs on the additional travel fees like travel and accommodation.

5. Your Signature Drink

Another saving tip would be to do as the locals do. Add a signature cocktail and soft drinks to the menu for cocktail hour with local wines at table service for wedding breakfast and have an open bar with a limited liquor selection for the party.

Bar man pouring a traditional Italian wedding drink
Classic Italian cocktail of Aperol, prosecco and soda.

6. Invitations

Consider keeping costs down by going digital with your suite of invitations. Add a link to your destination wedding in Itay. Here, you could include a link to RSVP, the events itinerary, travel and local accommodation for your guests, and a link to your gift registry.

Most importantly, having a clear vision will help you prioritise your spending and use your budget wisely.

Get in touch with Denise to share your vision, expectations and support with planning your Italian Destination Wedding. 

With Love, Denise


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