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Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

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Wedding Ceremonies in Italy. Getting married in Italy is relatively straightforward, with advanced planning and understanding of what’s required. There is an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful locations to plan your legally binding marriage celebration across Italy. Your options are endless to make your dream come true, from quaint town halls, villas, historical venues, waterfront venues with ocean views.

Civil ceremony in Italy 

Civil ceremonies will need to be officiated by the Italian authority.

These ceremonies will be performed by either the Mayor or their substitute and conducted in Italian. An official interpreter and 2 witnesses over 18 are required by law and take place within approved venues by the Italian government. Outdoor civil ceremonies can be performed in specific locations with approval from the Italian authorities under exceptional circumstances.

The ceremony vows can be enriched with the Italian civil code, traditional marriage vows, a personal love note or a timeless poem to complement your beliefs and values. 

The ceremony lasts approximately twenty minutes.

Bride and Groom say their vows in civil wedding ceremony in Italy
Mr and Mrs Furber

Protestant ceremony 

Protestant Wedding ceremonies can take place across Italy with the background of beautiful villas, castles, in private chapels or outdoors, in romantic and secluded gardens.

There are two options for a protestant ceremony; the first is officiated by an Italian Pastor who will perform a legally binding wedding. The ceremony will be co-officiated by an interpreter. 

The second option is to have an English-speaking pastor perform the religious ceremony only, which is not legally binding.

Protestant wedding ceremonies in Italy can be legally binding if spouses meet all the necessary requirements. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Hindu Ceremony

Hindu wedding ceremonies vary according to the local religious customs and traditions depending on the cultural heritage. 

The ancient rituals and mini ceremonies leading to the main ceremony day, binding the couple and both families for eternity, can last for up to three or more days in some traditions. 

Italy has an abundance of prestigious wedding venues for exclusive rental with accommodation, from ancient castles, luxurious villas with lush green gardens perfect for your wedding mandap (wedding altar).

Italy has become increasingly popular for unforgettable Indian Weddings celebrations. 

Bride enters wedding ceremony under sari veil in Hindu ceremony in Italy

Symbolic Ceremony

A symbolic wedding is also known as a non-religious or blessing wedding ceremony. 

The preferred option for couples who want to be legally married in their home country. The symbolic ceremony can be personalised to align with your values and personal beliefs. 

The ceremony can be as traditional as you desire with readings, poems, inspirational music or relaxed as you would like.

In addition, symbolic/ blessing ceremonies have the freedom to take place in some of Italy most breathtaking settings, from vineyards to picturesque cliffs, castles and even villas overlooking the endless valleys in Tuscany. 

Bridal couple enjoys a quiet moment after symbolic ceremony in Italy

Vow Renewal 

A vow renewal is a celebratory ceremony for a married couple to reaffirm their commitment to each other.

If you are thinking about having a vow renewal ceremony in Italy, read on…

Personalised vow renewal can be elegant and relaxed

Your vow renewal can be a joyous celebration of your marriage with confident planning and a bit of support. 

There is no one-size-fits-all structure for planning a vow renewal giving you the freedom to decide how formal or informal you would like the day to be organised. 

The officiant can deliver a welcome that’s fitting to some of your married life experiences. Before you say your vows, you may have readings and poetry from children, parents, or your dearest guests. 

You can read your vows aloud to each other, followed by a blessing by the officiant, a “you may kiss your bride again”, and dance out to “Stuck with you ” into your cocktail party. 

Renewing or reaffirming your original marriage vows is a beautiful way to celebrate the life experiences gathered and commitment to the forever journey ahead.

Italy will make this chapter of your life unforgettable. Get in touch to start planning your quintessential wedding in Italy.

With Love, Denise


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