You’re Engaged – Congratulations!

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It is one of the most surreal moments of your life! Feels unbelievable, like a fairytale you’ve been dreaming about since you met your soulmate. Yet, it is real and so many emotions come rushing as soon as you feel the ring on your finger. It might take a while to soothe the positive shock from this change but that is completely okay. As soon as you start with wedding planning, there will be other responsibilities, so it is perfectly fine to savour every single moment of being engaged. That brings me to today’s subject – what to do after you are engaged!

Celebrate and savour the moment

I understand your urge to call everyone you know or post on social media about this, yet I would recommend just letting the engaged news sink in between the two of you. It is an amazing adrenaline rush that is unique and happens once, so make use of this and celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Laugh and cry with your beloved, enjoy every emotion that adorns your hearts.

Notify your family and friends

Share your joy with your family. Call your parents, siblings, your friends and then post on social media. If you are able, go to your parents and personally announce your engagement. There will be a slight chance that your parents know and are waiting for you!

Insure and size your ring

Before you embark on the wedding planning journey, your ring will be the main focus, so make sure you get it insured and properly sized – if it doesn’t fit correctly.

Revel in the beauty of being engaged

Spend some weeks just enjoying this feeling. Go on special dates, long walks, weekend getaways. Simply enjoy the romance, even the simplest of acts like watching your favourite movies together will be more than fulfilling.

Think about the date & budget

Approach this by thinking about your special dates over the years and in which season you wish to get married. After you have a few wedding ideas for a date, contemplate your budget. I would recommend being realistic and drafting a number that will feel convenient for you both. Your parents might want to chip in and help you realize your dream wedding day so it will be a wonderful helping hand for a few extra touches.

Hire a wedding planner

Wedding planning is a challenging task especially if you are doing it all on your own. There are so many parts to be covered, vendors to be contacted, venues to be considered, and all the in-between hustle and bustle. In order to enjoy your engaged periods more, investing in a planner will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Not only that will save you from stress and anxiety, but you will also have time to spend with your partner enjoying instead of worrying. Furthermore, wedding planners have the best contacts for photographers and all bridal vendors that you need to make your dream a reality. They also have fantastic wedding ideas which can elevate your whole event.

If you are already starting with the wedding planning journey, I would be honoured to curate your special day. Get in touch for more information on how we can realize your dream wedding.

With Love, Denise


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