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Europe’s best destinations for a wedding after Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on engaged couples but slowly things are taking another perspective. We are all eagerly awaiting the post-period when restrictions will be loosened, vaccines to be widely available for all, and then quarantines will become a thing of the past. Once all this is achieved, here are the best destinations in Europe to host your destination wedding.


The poetry of the Italian culture, cuisine and nature’s beauty has long been sought. Italy has been a haven for romantic hearts for many decades now, and this won’t change after the pandemic. Even now, when couples are planning a Covid wedding, an elopement wedding in Italy is a popular choice. This is mainly because almost all venues offer a plethora of opportunities to paint your dream celebration.

Having the option to choose outdoor spaces to curate your event is a forte when it comes both to the pandemic and post-pandemic period. From vineyards to castles with enchanting gardens, from coastal venues with unparalleled views to gorgeous stylish boutique hotels, and from rustic elegant villas to the countryside – these lands will tailor a love story that will be remembered for decades to come. Locations that will govern the bridal planning will be Rome, Tuscany, Lake Como, Amalfi Coast but also Apulia that lately has been taking over destination weddings.


Same as Italy, Spain is not just a holiday destination but an oasis for a romantic escape. Couples have been dreaming of saying their “I do” with panoramic views over the Mediterranean entwined with the distinctive Spanish cultural flair. The diverse aesthetical values of these lands have dominated destination wedding planning for many years, and that won’t change. The warm weather and rich culture have been welcoming the idea of an elopement wedding in Spain even during the pandemic. Whichever location you choose, whether somewhere in the Andalusian coastal region, or the very core – Madrid; this country will bewitch you with its lavish beauty.

If you are also dreaming of a magical destination wedding experience in the old continent, feel free to reach out to me by completing an enquiry form here or email me at and, we will discuss all the options in these locations tailored to your bridal vision.

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