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Destination Wedding Details Checklist

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The unique feel of eternalising your love in a place where you previously got engaged, picking a spot that was special just for the two of you on holiday or even maybe creating timeless memories in a destination you’ve always dreamed of. It is a beautiful medley of authenticity, excitement, and lingering stress if you don’t know how to approach the planning. There are many aspects to consider that will curate your wedding day; that is why I’ve composed a destination wedding details checklist to help you have a stress-free, memorable and unique experience!

Wedding Details Checklist:

  1. Choosing the ideal location & timing.

Choosing the location primarily depends on your wedding theme, preferences, and style. If you wish to have an intimate wedding in the countryside while enjoying laidback luxury, then maybe a venue with a vineyard would be your choice. What is also important is to consider in which period of the year you wish to tie the knot, the weather, and the tourist season.

  1. Hiring a wedding planner.

Destination wedding planning is no easy task and requires a lot of knowledge, research, communication, and of course, attention to every detail, that is why it is wise to hire a professional who is able to realise your dream vision.

  1. Planning a Budget.

Depending on the venue, guest-list, chosen vendors, and location, plan the optimal budget but, of course, plan an extra 10% for any unexpected expenses. Have in mind that while the guests will probably pay for their flights, it would be a nice gesture to organise their transport to the venue.

  1. Visiting beforehand.

From the whole wedding details checklist, I cannot recommend this enough. It is one thing to see photos and daydream about your wedding and another to visit the location and walk through a venue, visualise how everything will look, finding unique spots that will portray your grand day’s photography, taste the food, find your preferences.

Venue, Hacienda Vistamar, Spain
  1. Legal documents required.

Your destination wedding planning requires gathering info about specific documentation you need to acquire to have a legal marriage. Naturally, in this case, your planner will be able to guide you through the process and make sure everything is to your excellent standard.

  1. Setting a guest list.

The number of your guests will predominantly influence many of your choices; this is why it is essential to plan the guest number. Destination weddings are a long way from home, so it is vital to share your vision with your closest ones.

  1. Choosing a hotel with a group discount.

It is wise to book a hotel which gives group discounts, that offers you both a chance to save but also gives you guests the comfort to be all in the same place (pro tip: that will ease the transport organisation too.)

  1. Invitations and Save the Date.

Send the Save the Date cards at least 10-12 months before your wedding day and the invitations 6 months prior. That will give your guests plenty of time to get organised.

📷 Megan Daisy Photography
  1. Choose your non-local vendors wisely.

Communication is of the essence in this case, if you plan to book non-local vendors, take into consideration the travel expenses and be sure that they will be up for the task. Of course, your wedding planner can help you with this and recommend you professionals, but also have in mind that booking local vendors will be kind to your budget. 

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  1.  Officiant.

Last on the wedding details checklist is the Officiant that will legally marry you. Depending on the location, research the legalities that will make sure your marriage will be properly officiated regarding legal laws. For example, some countries may require the couple to stay in the country a little more than one day – which can be used for a mini-honeymoon!

If you find the wedding details checklist a bit overwhelming, a wedding professional will always be by your side. As an experienced and avid wedding planner, I care about your poetic vision and curating an extraordinary experience, but more importantly, making it stress-free. Your next chapter in life deserves to be honoured with a beautiful milestone that will reflect all the emotions you both share. My resourcefulness, knowledge, and vast list of professional vendors I work with, will dedicate our artistry to weave your dream wedding day vision beautifully. I encourage you to get in touch to start planning your wedding experience.

With Love, Denise


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