Best Destinations for a Wedding in Italy

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Ahh Italy, what could I possibly say to match your grandeur. A cradle of art adorned with authentic charm, warm, luminous sun, azure waters, and endless picturesque sceneries. Warm, inviting people who only wait for you to taste their culinary artistry or show you proudly their home place, that is Italy. A beautiful medley of romance, charm, and history. Now imagine yourself curating your new chapter in life in this breathtaking country. When it comes to destinations, none compares to the timeless beauty of Italy. From centuries back, it has been a sanctuary for loving souls seeking to experience a plethora of visual poetry. It doesn’t matter whether it is a wedding, a honeymoon, or a vacation; it feels like the lands have the power to make a moment in time to stand still.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, you would be probably overwhelmed by so many options to choose from. That is why I’ve dedicated this article to help you start from the base that will predominantly portray your overall wedding theme, and that is choosing the location.

The best regions to have your destination wedding in Italy. 


This city of water is the epitome of unique beauty. Is there a more romantic place on Earth than Venice? Feel enchanted as you explore this city on a gondola, embraced with your beloved and creating unforgettable memories. The rich chronicles of architectural masterpieces are there to frame your epochal photos and grace your love with authenticity.

Bridal couple in Venice enjoying a moment alone after the wedding ceremony.


A one of a kind gem on the Amalfi Coast. The eccentric and colourful aesthetic of this city is popular amongst couples who seek to experience the coastal beauty for their destination wedding in Italy. With horizons and sunsets like no other, Positano lures you in its quaint composition of architectures which hold many of the stunning Italy wedding venues.

Positano lures you in its quaint composition of architectures which hold many of the stunning Italy wedding venues
Positano is a cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast.


All roads lead to Rome! No wonder that is a popular saying for this rich historical city. Channelling the best of two worlds, from millennia before to the contemporary beauty of today, this is the city where you can have a true “la dolce vita” experience. A sublime blend of big city life and a place where you can find secluded less familiar enticing places – which can be the bridal haven you’ve been looking for.

Roman wedding venues are steeped in a rich heritage of romance.

Florence & Tuscany

Whether you adore and worship iconic art and the craftsmanship of the old masters, or you seek a peace that features rolling green hills, memorable golden hours, and long vineyards, this part of Italy is guaranteed to bewitch you with its essence. Florence is the icon of art in the world, wonderfully adorned with monumental palaces and romantic places. A refined and sophisticated presence that is guaranteed to make your destination wedding in Italy awe-inspiring.

a remote escape for you and your loved ones to celebrate the most magical day of your life


A city of chic, a city of fashion, a city of unspeakable beauty. This city can elevate the deep connection you both share while elevating it to epiphany with all of its visual and poetic riches. If you are seeking a blend of contemporary and historical, this is the place to be.

chic city wedding for couples seeking city escapes

Lake Como

For centuries, the profound allure of this lake has attracted aristocrats from all over the world to soak in its unique presence. Countless villas enveloped with mountains, facing dramatic sceneries that are hard to find anywhere else. Lake Como is the place that will take your breath away.

Private Villa del Balbianello for your intimate wedding experience
At Villa del Balbianello you will experience an abundance of elegance and romance.

Types of Italy wedding venues

  • Villas. These archetypal residences come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find them almost anywhere. Whether in a coastal city, in the mountains, or by a lake, they will make your destination wedding in Italy an extraordinary experience.
  • Castles. The factor that will bring a sophisticated flair to your wedding ambience. It is hard to say no to these magnificent creations that left their eclectic imprint on these lands. Infused with timeless elegance and grandeur, these lavish venues will weave your dream bridal experience.
  • Boutique Hotels. Elegance and opulence entwined with leisure and an opportunity for a honeymoon too. The Boutique hotels are a beautiful way to also honour your guests and curate an impressive special event.
  • Mountains. Spectacular views and unequalled experience, are the words that will embellish your beautiful chapter in life.
  • Beaches. Unparalleled locations for a destination wedding in Italy. Luminous shores, pristine waters, and sunsets that spark your eternal love, the beach venues are the epitome of classic romance.
  • Vineyards. Immerse into the authenticity of the Italian wine, caressed by the golden sunset while feeling the peace of the rustic charm of these venues. Heartwarming and cosy, they are the places that will enrich the most important moment of your life.

How to choose your location

To make this choice among all Italy wedding venues, you first need to know which one resonates with you according to your style. When contemplating your dream wedding, it is important to know the number of guests that will be attending, the theme, your preferred location like a beach, mountain, or city. After designing a simple visual draft, you will know what to tailor to your liking. For example, Tuscany villas will be all in the spirit of intimate weddings and enjoying the Italian countryside. If you want to leave an opulent statement with something grand, then castles would complete your vision. If you enjoy the coast, then a boutique hotel or a seaside villa will be the venue for your destination wedding in Italy.

Naturally, your budget also plays a role and will determine your choice, that is why it is quintessential to know all the options. As a passionate wedding planner, what I value the most is helping you design your dream wedding day whose memory you will cherish for decades to come. I will help you choose a venue that will be aligned with your budget and crown your ambience.

If you are in need of recommendations and advice to easily navigate through this process, I would be honoured to support your search, please get in touch with me here

With Love, Denise


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