Bridal couple enjoying a quiet moment at sunset before dancing the night away with loved ones.

Ideas for an intimate Italian wedding

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What is an intimate wedding

To fully understand what intimate weddings are it is to return to what is important for you both as a couple. It is the art of focusing on the essentials, on the love you both share, on the epiphany of eternalizing it, including only your closest ones. Weddings are being downsized due to the uncertainties ruling the world currently, so nuptials have taken a turn towards smaller numbers and channel their creativity towards detail-oriented celebrations. With intimacy comes the highlight to show your care for the guests attending your wedding, to make the experience otherworldly and special for them. Because the gathering is small, it means you will have time to pay attention to everyone, which will make the tying of the knot even more significant.

Bridal couple enjoying a quiet moment at sunset before dancing the night away with loved ones.
Intimate weddings can be as luxurious as your heart desires.

Essentially, small weddings give the liberty of a larger budget in contrast to standard ones, so there lies an opportunity to choose venues you couldn’t otherwise, even take all of your family and friends to your dream destination and curate an unforgettable experience! Small weddings leave a mark that no one would be able to forget. Everything is in the name of quality memories crowned with the purest love and joy for every person attending. 

One of the most popular romantic wedding destinations is of course Italy, and I could tell you countless reasons why it is so luring for loving souls. It is the myriad of poetic places that so effortlessly elevate love and entwine it with magnificence. An affair of historical sites, lavish nature, and opulent contemporary flair… luminous sunlight that caresses rolling hills, coastlines, and memories build in centuries-old stones. With such diversity, I couldn’t think of a better place than to have your small wedding in Italy!

Why Italy is the best place to have an intimate wedding

To plan an intimate wedding in Italy means to face almost an impossible choice of where exactly to have it because there lies the magic of this country, it has everything for everyone and even more! Even for those who are passionate about the culinary arts, rarely which cuisine in the world offers such delight as the Italian. Imagine long vineyards, Tuscan sun, picturesque nature that created a haven for your ceremony, smiling welcoming hosts that prepared for you their most authentic dishes and served you a world-class wine. Enjoying yourselves sharing stories of old, stories of now, stories that will ignite the future ones. Soft light caressing your complexion until the golden hour illuminates everything just to leave slowly… then suddenly many lights and lanterns become a likeness of the stellar sky, whispering poetry to your loving hearts.

Private Villa del Balbianello for your intimate wedding experience
Lake Como

If you think that this is dreamy, just imagine many scenarios wherever your heart desires for your small wedding in Italy. Will it be a villa, a castle, a boutique hotel on the coast, a charming villa on the seashore, a contemporary chic museum, or regal northern villas on the coasts of any of the lakes, or maybe high in the mountain for a winter ambience with a crackling fire. Will it be art-infused in Florence, or authentic as Venice, maybe chic as Milan or grand as Rome, even charming as Ravello or enchanting as Positano; whatever you choose for your intimate wedding in Italy – none will be anything short of awe-inspiring. You would have to see and experience it, and when you encounter their warm personalities and hospitality? There is no turning back, you will be absolutely charmed – especially when you hear their language which is like a melody that sticks with you. A small wedding in Italy is never just a wedding, it is an iconic experience that will seal your new chapter as newlyweds.

Planning a small wedding in Italy

My passion for Italy was born out of admiration and opportunities. I have explored years upon years all the enticing places that made my path shape me who I am today, and on that path discovered many not-so-familiar hidden gems that have so much to offer. By this passion, my network grew to be immense, revelling in working with incredibly talented vendors who are just as passionate as me. Because my devotion requires time towards every one of my clients, I work with a limited number per year so that I can give them my full attention and dedication, to curate a heartfelt event for them and all of their loved ones. For me, it is not just an intimate wedding in Italy, it is an ode to your love, a plethora of planning, design, styling, coordination, and concierge service.

“We’re in it for the magic, the laughs, the beauty and in pursuit of your perfect moment.

– Denise Naldini

With my plan, you will be able to tailor your bridal event any way you like, even make it a multiple-day celebration. It is all about what feels right for you. When organizing a small wedding in Italy, it is quintessential to enjoy and share the beauty of this country, thus my help also includes any other activities you would like to experience with your loved ones, like brunches, sightseeing, hiking, vineyard tours, and many more. My sole purpose is to bring to life every creative idea you may have without experiencing stress. I will be with you every step of the way with unlimited access on the phone, updates, and joint excitement as we design your special day! You can have a complete insight into what my service offers here.

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Every story is unique and every one of them carries its unique devotion carved in the celestial sky. It is important to find a unique location that will set the tone of your small wedding in Italy. I work with many exclusive venues which all carry an authentic charm and guarantee a memorable event. Among them are Villa Cimbrone Hotel, Borgo Tre Rose, Castello di Vicarello and many more. Feel welcome to look at my other blog, the Best Destinations for a Wedding in Italy, to help you discover your wedding style concerning locations and define your preferences.

With Love, Denise


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