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Dress Code for a Summer Wedding

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You’ve received an invitation to attend a summer wedding of your loved ones, and you are excited to celebrate with them! While visualizing how everything will be, anticipating the ceremony and reception; there is one thing you might not be fully familiar with or have trouble deciding – and that is the wedding dress code. Most commonly couples request formal wear but if the wedding is during summertime, they might be more flexible depending on the warm weather, theme, and location. That is why I have curated a guide to help you choose what to wear at your upcoming wedding no matter the specifications.

Formal Dress Code

The White-tie wear requires the ladies to wear elegant floor-length dresses complemented with opulent or modern eloquent jewellery and clutches; while for the gentlemen it is required to wear a white shirt with a tuxedo, white vest, and a bow-tie. For both parties, formal heels or shoes are a must. If it is a wedding during the summer months, then I would recommend choosing breathable fabric, an elegant hat, and bringing a fan.

The Black-tie code is all about floor-length dresses but if it allows certain liberties, it can also be an evening party dress or even sophisticated pantsuits. For the men, a tuxedo is a must, paired with a black vest and black bow tie. The same recommendations apply for warm weather as above. In the case of Black-tie optional, a tuxedo isn’t required.

When it comes to the Cocktail wedding dress code, the gentleman’s attire isn’t much changed, only they can wear a suit paired with a tie, while the ladies can wear tea-length, knee-length or midi dresses – definitely more comfortable for summertime. Men’s short sleeve shirts would be preferred for this season depending on the location.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

Most commonly the Smart Casual or Dressy Casual code allows a balance between elegance and casual wear. For a summer wedding, it is recommended to choose bright colours and breathable fabrics. Dressy top and skirt or below-the-knee dresses with fun yet eloquent accessories. Sunglasses could also be fashionable accessories and elegantly paired hats for sun protection. The good news is that you can also wear formal flats, heels or even wedges. For the gentlemen, dress shirt, an optional tie, and dress pants. This wedding dress code is one of the more common choices for a wedding in Italy where the weather is warm which gives you an opportunity to incorporate the art of balancing comfort with sophistication. 


Casual Dress Code

For outdoor summer weddings, a laid-back code would be usually required. Summer dresses combined with fashionable dressy sandals, but if it is specified by the couple, you can wear other options like tank tops, jeans, etc. Usually, couples include notes on what is acceptable so this would be the ideal code for summertime. Being overly formal wouldn’t feel comfortable nor enjoyable – and that is the last thing they want.

Destination Dress Code

Of course, this would depend on the location and theme, whether it is a beach wedding or vineyard wedding in Italy, also it will depend on the humidity. If you want to feel comfortable and look incredible, choosing cotton or linen designs would be a safe card to play. Couples usually opt for casual or semi-casual wedding dress codes and guests choose to elevate the look with stylish yet elegant accessories.

Luxurious settings for a timeless wedding experience
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